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Buchanan Well Company offers not only replacement parts for wells, pumps and irrigation systems but also specializes in livestock waterers, water filtration systems and submersible pumps. If we do not have what you need – we can get it!

  • High Efficiency VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)

    VFDs are becoming commonplace and more widely used in applications pertaining to irrigation, livestock and home use. The biggest advantage that a VFD has is the ability to save energy by consuming only the power that is necessary, in turn, saving money for the user. Not only is a VFD more efficient, the user still gets optimum water pressure for showers and faucets, irrigation nozzles and livestock hydrants. This is because it varies the output speed of a motor without the need for mechanical pulleys, thus reducing the number of mechanical components and overall maintenance. Buchanan Well is very knowledgeable on High Efficiency VFDs and can help you save energy and money.

  • Electrical Panels and Supplies

    An electrical panel, also known as a load center, breaker panel, breaker box or service panel, is a steel box that holds multiple circuit breakers wired to circuits that distribute power. Buchanan Well carries a wide selection of electrical panels and supplies.

  • Pressure Tanks

    A pressure tank allows the water system to work on demand. It can use water without the pump having to come on every time you open the tap. The pressure tank has both water and compressed air in it, and the pressure changes as water is pumped into the pressure tank or drawn out of it. This change in pressure activates a pressure switch that turns the pump on and off. Buchanan Well Company will get you set up with the right pressure tank for any commercial or agriculture application.

  • Johnson Concrete Livestock Waterers

    While Johnson’s livestock waterers are primarily cattle waterers, their water troughs are also used as deer tanks, sheep waterers, dairy waterers, game tanks and more. Johnson Concrete also offers a horse waterer model specifically designed as a horse tank.

    Johnson Concrete Products’ concrete livestock waterers are also known as constant flow tanks, concrete tanks, and cattle waterers. Johnson’s durable tanks can be manufactured with different options, including stainless steel troughs and constant flow models.

  • Filtrations Systems

    After a water analysis is completed to determine your water quality, Buchanan Well can install the right filtration system. Some of the following issues can be resolved with the right water filtration system. If your water is from a well and it is rust colored, then the problem is probably iron. If the color of the water is black, it could be either manganese or sulfur, which smells like rotten eggs. Another problem is if the water has a very fine dirt content, which may indicate the presence of colloidal clay. If you are having water quality issues or other water filtration problems give Buchanan Well a call immediately.

  • Electronic Irrigation Motors

    An electronic irrigation motor keeps overhead costs down because this motor requires practically no maintenance compared to diesel and propane engines. The electronic irrigation motor provides flip-the-switch convenience along with minimal service and attention requirements. It also maintains its power output level year after year, making it the obvious long-term choice for irrigation motors. Give Buchanan Well Company a call today so you can start saving money by upgrading your irrigation system with an electronic motor.

  • Submersible and Turbine Pumps

    Submersible pumps are designed for both corrosive chemicals, as well as the movement of water. The submersible pumps Buchanan Well offers feature proven components, able to withstand the harshest environments. They provide superior performance for residential and commercial uses, such as irrigation, water transfer systems, community water systems, recirculation and factories.

    A turbine pump is a centrifugal pump that is used to pump water from deep wells or other underground and man-made bodies of water. The pump also has a water intake point and a water discharge point. The motor on a turbine pump is usually placed above the water level, but submersible types are available depending on the requirement of the application. Buchanan Well Company can help you determine which pump best suits your needs.

  • Plumbing Fittings and Supplies

    Plumbing fittings and supplies are part of every project at Buchanan Well. If you need something specific, call Buchanan and we will be happy to help.

  • Drip and Gearhead Oil

    Lubricating oils are extremely important to any engine. Without it, gears and bearings quickly overheat, seize, and grind to pieces. Drip oil is ideal for use in a wide variety of agricultural and industrial applications and will lubricate pumps reliably and efficiently. Gearhead oil is designed specifically for use in gear head well systems, irrigation gear head systems, or any other gear application where high performance gear lubricant is required. Buchanan Well will help you determine which oil works best.

  • Amarillo Gear Drives

    Amarillo Gear Company designs and manufactures right angle gear drives, which are generally used in agricultural irrigation applications. Amarillo offers the largest selection of right angle pump drives in the world. Contact Buchanan Well Company to order the Amarillo Gear product you need.

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